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Energy Freedom Sled Energy Freedom Sled
Energy Freedom Sled has arrived!

Green Point's Energy Freedom sled works like a backup generator for your home or business but without the maintenance and fuel hassles.

Backup generators are expensive and require annual maintenance and fuel that may be hard to acquire during an emergency. Half the time they don't work when you need them, and they are noisy when running.

Backup generators have no return on investment. You purchase the unit, and it sits there waiting for an emergency to work. It is a sunk cost that is only valuable during an emergency.

Energy Freedom Sled Benefits
  • EFS is based on solar and wind renewable energy technology.
  • It is silent when running and is powered entirely by the sun and wind, requiring no fossil fuels.
  • It requires no scheduled maintenance.
  • Panels have 25 year warranties.
  • Unlike a backup generator which has no financial payback, EFS will reduce your power bill each month and over time can completely pay for itself.
  • EFS qualifies for the US government energy tax credit of 30 percent of the total price including installation.
  • EFS comes in three sizes, 10 kW, 20kW and 40 kW.
  • All models include a self contained solar and wind renewable energy power plant contained in a portable building on skids.
  • The EFS system is delivered on a flat bed trailer and only needs to be connected to your AC load center.
  • If you move, the sled can be easily moved to your new site.


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